Sales Tax

Sales Tax

1. Sales Tax Collection:
Cold Cuts Poultry is required to collect sales tax on all taxable sales as per the applicable tax laws and regulations of the respective taxing authorities. The sales tax rate applied to your purchase will be based on the location where the sale is made and the prevailing tax rates of that jurisdiction.

2. Taxable Sales:
Sales tax will be applied to the purchase price of all taxable products, including frozen chickens, as determined by the tax laws of the jurisdiction in which the sale occurs.

3. Tax Rates:
The sales tax rate will vary depending on the location of the buyer. Cold Cuts Poultry will apply the appropriate tax rate based on the destination of the product delivery.

4. Exemptions and Resale Certificates:
If you believe your purchase is eligible for an exemption from sales tax or if you are purchasing for resale, you must provide a valid exemption certificate or resale certificate issued by the relevant taxing authority before completing the purchase. Failure to provide a valid certificate may result in the assessment of sales tax on the transaction.

5. Sales Tax Calculation:
The sales tax amount will be calculated based on the applicable tax rate at the time of purchase. The breakdown of the sales tax will be clearly itemized on your invoice.

6. International Sales:
For sales made to customers outside our company’s location, no sales tax will be collected by Cold Cuts Poultry. However, customers are responsible for complying with their local tax laws and regulations and may be required to remit use tax or other taxes as applicable.

7. Changes to Tax Rates:
Tax rates are subject to change by the respective taxing authorities. In the event of a change in the sales tax rate after the purchase but before the delivery of products, the updated tax rate will be applied to the transaction.

8. Tax Filing and Reporting:
Cold Cuts Poultry will file and remit collected sales tax to the appropriate taxing authorities in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. Customers will receive proper documentation, such as invoices and receipts, for their records.

9. Disclaimer:
Cold Cuts Poultry makes reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of sales tax calculations and collection. However, it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to review the sales tax applied to their purchase and seek professional advice if needed.

By proceeding with a purchase from Cold Cuts Poultry, you acknowledge and agree to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in this Sales Tax Policy.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding sales tax, please contact our customer service team at [Customer Service Phone] or [Customer Service Email].

Thank you for choosing Cold Cuts Poultry. We appreciate your business and strive to provide you with quality products and excellent service.

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